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An ordinary image or a regular design is no longer enough.

In the age of speed, everything is very dynamic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Motion design combines graphic design with animation. It uses moving images, text, and graphics. Mostly, motion designs are created from Adobe After Effects.

“Match day videos” contents generally created for sports events. It aims to inform and motivate. Official league accounts, clubs and players or fan pages share match day videos on the social media at the game day. Videos may be from highlights, key moments, and behind-the-scenes footage of match. Or it can be created by animating static designs.

After Effects is the best software to create match day videos. It allows you to animate each layer separately.

If you create game day videos from highlights, interviews or some images. You just need a editing software. Premiere Pro, Cap Cut etc..

For designing;

Color, typography and graphics are main things. It is better if they compatible with the team’s colors and style.

Storytelling is another important detail. It depends importance of match, situation at the league.. So you should choose your message according to match day. What is it? Is it peaceful day or you need to motivate or is it a derby or is it a meaningful match? These parameters tell you what kind of video you will have.


So music and sound effects are another important things. It should be compatible with feelings that you want to give. And it is better using some creative editing technics or joyful animations.


Finally, you need to create dimensions appropriate to the size the platforms want you to design.

Motion flyers are created by animating static designs. Position or rotation of every elements of static design may be changed. And it may be given different effects or animated coherence with music rhytm. Thus, they become more eye-catching.

You need to use some of designs software to create match day poster like Photoshop. Or you can find some ready template from markets like Freepik, Envato Elements or template apps like Canva.

After Effects and Premiere Pro are the best software to create football edits. It allows you to create special effects. Cap Cut is also one of new trend apps to create videos..

Yes, just share with me what you want and send whatever you have. I can create match day videos, motivational sports videos, informative videos, reportage edits, highlight edits etc…

Yes, I can create motion flyer from your static design. I just need Photoshop or Illustrator file to create better video. So I can manage every single layer.

Yes, I am a freelance video editor who focusing on creating sport videos. And I have a legal company so I can send invoice.